The power of the bottle

Upcycling and reusing is great for the earth and good for the pocket. When it comes to decor, there’s a lot you can do with an empty bottle. In this article I have majorly going to focused on glass bottles although any other material can work as well.

There are numerous crafty ideas for upcycling bottles, I’ve only sampled a few.


Once in a while you receive a flower unexpectedly or come across a beautiful twig. Don’t pass on a chance to display it or decorate with it just because you don’t have a vase. Choose a cute deep bottle, fill it with some water and you have yourself a vase.

Wine bottle vase by @smhousetohome. Watch video transformation here

Without limiting yourself, you can achieve an elegant piece like the one above by adding colour and some detail for a more permanent vase solution.

Decor holder

Tiny Holding decorative bamboo sticks, feathers, cotton balls, etc can be held by a bottle and displayed on any surface.

Photo by Monicore on Pexels


Bottles with large bases are great planters for small plants with shallow roots or plants that have a short lifetime and succulents. The display of soil or water adds a feel of nature and is great for the optics.

Photo by Daniel Öberg on Unsplash

You can choose to hang up the bottle using rope, cut the bottle using a glass cutter and turn the top part upside down or use the bottom part, the choice is really yours.

Candle holder

Small glass bottles can be cut to shape to form candle holders. You can custom make your candles to fit into the bottle that you have.

You can also cut out the wine bottles and cover little candles to form lanterns. Not to forget the bottle caps. Refer to @smhousetohome’s picture above.

Bottle art

The arrangament of bottles can be decor itself. Whether empty or filled, a floor-ceiling shelve against a living room or basement wall, on a rack or single shelve. This could be the focal point of your room if you don’t have enough space to set up a home bar. Pair up different colours, sizes, shapes and heights.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Another option is to spray paint the bottles, add a ribbon and any other details and have them adorn your shelf, coffee table, study desk or console.


Wooden wine bottle corks, with writings or markings when set in a clear glass jar or bowl could from a great decor piece for your console.

Picture frames

You can frame your photos in wide bottles like rectangular perfume bottles can be used. Simply roll up the photograph, put it in the bottle and display it on your vanity alongside other perfume bottles.


With the right top fitting , bottles can be turned into oil dispensers on your pantry, or soap dispensers for your bathroom or kitchen.

Choose beautiful bottles with unusual shapes. Display your bottle decor on a coffee table, bedside table, console, desk or shelf. Next time, before getting rid of that bottle, rethink.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova